The Queen

In music, one day you’re in and the next day, you’re out.


The artist names that appear in the Top 40 charts seem to change drastically nearly every day.  But there are a few that seem to be here to stay. Nicki Minaj is not only one of those artists, but quite possibly, the best.

As far as female rappers go, Nicki Minaj has absolutely established herself as the queen. Breaking into the Top 10 Billboard chart in 2011, she hasn’t stopped since. She’s the first and only female rapper to win Best Female Hip Hope Artist award 7 years in a row. She’s also won over half of every award she’s ever been nominated for. Artists like Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma, and Cardi B seem to have taken over charts at times, but have yet to stay long. That being said, Nicki may have released her best work yet.

Queen” hit shelves on August 10th of this year. With 19 total tracks, the album takes you through some of Minaj’s finest moments and clever lyrics. I’m telling you, do not sleep on this album! After the first listen through, tracks like Barbie Dreams, Good Form, and LLC really stood out.

Barbie Dreams brings you in with an old school feel while Minaj playfully pokes fun at other artist in the rap world.

In Good Form, Minaj reminds us that 2012 Pink Friday fun Nicki, is alive and well, but more sophisticated than ever.

LLC pays tribute to her past successes and her work ethic, but again, with an air of playfulness.

Queen is the first album Minaj has put out that I personally have loved every minute of. Each track is full of incredible attention to detail and showcases every one of her unique skills. I believe that Nicki has struck the perfect balance of playfulness while reminding us of why she is where she is, today. So please, do not miss out on this album.


I’d love to know which track has been your favorite!

We’re also not going to discuss the current Minaj & Cardi beef (in this post, at least).