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My Favorite Women – April

HOLY CRAP IT’S MAY! How?! We’re almost halfway through this year. We all know it’s been full of political tension, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. I hope you all voted or are planning to vote in your local primary elections! (If you’re not registered or don’t know how to, leave a comment and let me know). I still believe this is the year of the woman  and I will not stop celebrating all of the incredible women creating space for change! With that being said, check out three ladies doing awesome things.

Dr. Ellen Stofan

Holy crap let’s talk about inspiring.

Ellen_Stofan_02.jpgWho was once a little girl who thought only boys could work at NASA, later became a Chief scientist at NASA and is now the first woman to lead the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washignton, DC. After spending 18 years in the STEM industry, Dr. Ellen Stofan is looking forward to creating positive change and inspiring young women and girls to pursue STEM related careers.


Desiree Linden

UM, YES DEDICATION!desi-after-1523910911.jpg Desiree Linden was a seasoned marathon runner, but had never “broken the tape”. Until she became the first female runner in 33 years to win the Boston Marathon. Despite the horrible weather conditions, Linden prevailed. What an incredible testament to persistence, dedication, and BOTH physical and mental strength. YOU GO GIRL.


Misan Sagay


Screen writer Misan Sagay is writing her way through all kinds of barriers. She’s fed up with the “sassy black woman” characters she sees on screen and is instead, pushing for more dynamic roles. After being told that there is “no audience” for films with black female leads and that there’s an “uneasy disconnect with films centered on a black woman, Sagay just doesn’t buy it. “If diversity means giving white men more work writing about black women, we’ve failed”.  This woman has some incredible things to say, read more of them here.

Want to celebrate some of the incredible women in your life? Shoot me an email and let’s get them featured!