10 Compliments You Can Give That Have Nothing To Do With Looks

Complimenting someone’s appearance can mean a whole lot to them. BUT, it in the same breath, it could harm them, too. Actually, my reason for writing this post is because I did just that. A new friend of mine can eat anything and he seems to never gain a pound. I told him how jealous I was of that, and he shared with me that he’s actually had an eating disorder since his mother’s unfortunate passing. You can imagine what I felt like.

Complimenting someone’s physical appearance can also reiterate a lot of the unfair standards our society has. SO overall, it’s just a really good idea to start practicing giving compliments that aren’t appearance based at all. Here’s a list of ten compliments you can give ANYONE that don’t pertain to appearances.

  1. You’re so smart!
  2. You have great taste in ____.
  3. Your laugh is so contagious!
  4. It’s refreshing to meet someone so ____ (funny/kind hearted/inspiring)!
  5. I like your voice.
  6. I love being around you.
  7. I wish more people were like you.
  8. Our conversations always bring me so much laughter/peace/joy.
  9. I love how passionate you are about ___.
  10. You matter to me.

Keep on loving one another. Peace and blessings, babes.


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