My Favorite Women – August


Just like last week’s My Favorite Women post, we’re playing a bit of catch up!
So enjoy these incredible women from August.


  1. Rachel Hundley

Rachel Hundley is a City Council member in Sonoma, California. During her race for reelection, she received an anonymous email containing “inappropriate” photos of her and threats to expose them unless she quit her campaign. Rather than allowing this anonymous coward to slut shame her into submission, Hundley proudly addressed the issue and continues to run for reelection. YAS QUEEN! IMG_5406-1030x687.jpg

2. Shanzey Afzal

Shanzey Afzal is a female Muslim tattoo artist that’s providing a safe haven for women like her. Surrounded by those deeply invested in tradition and religion, Afzal hid many hurtful secrets, like that of having an abortion. Soon after, Afzal decided to tattoo an shanzey08_0.jpgimage on herself to help bring closure to the situation. Because of her tattoos, Afzal was disowned by her family. But through that experience, she has been able to provide a safe place for women like her to share their secrets and fears. She’s now in the process of starting a Female Tattoo Collective while traveling around in her converted 1963 trailer turned tattoo shop. *If you’re interested in donating to Afzal’s cause, you can do so here.

3. Janelle Monae

Okay, ya’ll. I KNOW I’m late to the game on this one. BUT Janelle Monae is kicking ass. Last month, I watched her music video for “PYNK” for the first time. YA’LL WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?! What an incredible celebration and reclaiming of our bodies! It’s so refreshing to see our bodies celebrated rather than exploited! (If you watch this video and you’re uncomfortable, I want to challenge you to at least finish it!)


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