My Favorite Women – Of Pride

Last month was Pride month and today is July 4th! It’s all just one big party! I know this time around there are many conflicting feelings, and Bossladies Magazine summed it up well. So as always, celebrating this country means celebrating badass women. For this month’s list of wonderful women, I’ve reached out to my great friend and resident lesbian expert, Bitty! Bitty is going to introduce us to three ladies that she admires! Enjoy! 

Hannah Hart @Harto

First on Bitty’s list is  Hannah Hart! Hannah is a public figure/internet personality/Food Network Star. She has had a public platform since 2011 when her show “My Drunk Kitchen” gained traction. She hannah-hart.jpgbegan publicly speaking on her experiences as a queer woman in in 2012. She came out to her followers in a video called “My Coming Out Story” and has not stopped encouraging LGBTQ youth and speaking to the struggles of queer people since. More recently, Harto (her nickname and channel name) has partnered with other queer public figures like Tyler Oakley and is a GLAAD board member. This past June she and her partner, Ella, teamed up with GLAAD to create PRIDE LIVE| A Queer Extravaganza! as a grand finale to 2018 pride month.

Cameron Esposito @cameronesposito

Up next, we have Cameron Esposito. Cameron is a comic, actress, and podcaster. She began her career in stand up in 2007 in Chicago. Her comedy has always included her frank discussion of life as an open, “soft-butch” presenting woman in a mans’ comedy world. Cameron and her wife, Rhea t-Cameron-Esposito-Rape-Jokes.jpgButcher (also a professional actress and stand-up comedian) created the television series “Take My Wife” which was a contemporary sitcom about life as a queer woman making it in the entertainment and comedy scene. Cameron started a podcast called Queery as a platform to bring in guests to talk about a the problems and victories of the queer community across the spectrum. Guests have included Rhea Butcher, Lena Waithe, Tegan & Sara Quin, Andrea Gibson, and many many more. In June she released Rape Jokes, a standup special about her experience as a survivor of sexual assault. The special is free to stream and all proceeds from a downloaded copy benefit RAINN, the US’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Hannah Gadsby @hannah_gadsby

Lastly, we have Hannah Gadsby! Hannah is an Australian comic who has had a successful career running the international comic festival circuit for the past 10 years. Her comedy special Nanette, which was released on Netflix in 2018 and has brought her international recognition and praise. In Nanette, Hannah talks about how life as a young gay person growing up Donegan-Gadsby-3.jpgin Tasmania, a small town in south Australia, with dysfunctional parents and the trauma she experienced in the conservative and homophobic town. She uses her skills as a performer and comic to win the audience’s trust with humor and empathy. The second half of her special she uses the connection she’s built to deliver searing and brutal truths about her experience and the state of a bigoted society in a way that hits home but doesn’t feel like a betrayal of the comic/audience relationship. Her honesty and strength shows through the very raw and human pain we see as she works to her crescendo. Viewers are still buzzing and sharing at such a rate that makes Nanette a “must see” of Pride, 2018.

Special thanks to Abigail Pressnell (@willworkforbeer_) for her picture from Nashville Pride and a HUGE thank you to Bitty Higgins (@bittyhiggins) for sharing some of her favorite women with us!

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