My Favorite Women – May

I don’t understand how we’re already into the sixth month of the year, but here we are I guess! As you’ve (hopefully) seen, each month I like to take a look back at women who accomplished some great things during the previous 30 (or so) days. So since it’s ALREADY June, let’s take a look back at some cool ladies from May!


At the Cannes Film Festival (an annual affair that’s launched incredible film careers like Quentin Tarantino), 82 women protested on the red carpet. 82 to represent the 82 women who had been allowed to compete in Cannes, which is less than 5% of entries. Cate Blanchett symbolically led the effort and weeks long conversation, but Argento’s words at the closing ceremony went viral. Argento has accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her when she was just 21 years old, in 1997. After assuring the audience that Weinstein would never be welcomed at Cannes again, she left with a threatening challenge for those like him. “Even tonight, there are those that still need to be held accountable for his behavior,” she went on. “You do not belong in this industry. You know who you are. We are not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.” Read more about it here.

2. Stacey Abrams (Again)

I hope you saw my first little bit on who Stacey Abrams is on my Instagram stories (but if you didn’t, click through my News highlights and CATCH UP.) Stacey Abrams has the potential to be the 105226227-GettyImages-961548248.530x298.jpgfirst black female Governor in U.S. history. When I first shared a little about her, she had quite a challenge in front of her, to win the democratic primary in her state of Georgia. We’re celebrating her again this month because SHE WON with an astounding 3/4 of the votes. Now, Abrams is one step closer to creating history and creating even more lasting change. Abrams will face either Republican Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle or Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp after their primary in July.

3. Stacey Cunningham

Stacey Cunningham became the first female president of the New York Stock Exchange. The first EVER. The first in 226 years! Cunningham began her career with NYSE in 1994. So this means, that  two of the most powerful positions on Wall Street will now be held by women. Adena Friendman became Nasdaq CEO in January 2017. This is HUGE. Congratulations to Stacey!


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